Positron! Artists
Amish Rake Fight
Fervid cinematic electronica from Machines of Loving Grace keyboardist Mike Fisher.
Beautiful Assassins
An incredible blend of industrial, ambient and electronic mayhem from Impossible Recording Machine's Matt Walker.
Otherwise known as "The Kings of Outro," the Bizarbies have finally decided to unleash their "audio nudity" onto the world at large.
A cross-boundary electronica producer from Chicago, Bounte blends slices of pop, IDM, hip-hop, rock, dance, jazz, and classical, into a hypnotic, yet energized, collaged groove.
Chris Randall
Former Sister Machine Gun frontman Chris Randall blends blues and jazz with the dark, chaotic edginess he is known for.
Adventures in eclectic electronica from Die Warzau's Van Christie and Chicago House DJ Matt Warren.
Impossible Recording Machine
Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Filter, Cupcakes) and Jim Dinou (Exo) blend an array of influences from pop to abstract into their own unique sound.
The style-spanning instrumental project of former Sister Machine Gun frontman Chris Randall draws from the deep tradition of the Chicago electronic music scene.
Scott Sturgis (Converter, Pain Station) combines textural ambience, down tempo beats, dub-influenced fragments, tribal rhythms and spaced-out psychedelic hues with a touch of industrial flavor.
The bastard love child of Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun) and Wade Alin (Atomica/Christ Analogue) is a tour-de-force of glitch-hop, noisecore, and IDM, with a generous dose of dancefloor groove.
Sister Machine Gun
SMG's extensive catalog explores just about every genre of modern music, from electro-funk dance to Hendrix-flavored industrial strength rock.
The Atomica Project
The Atomica Project is a union of downtempo beats and stunning female vocals, amplified by an organic warmth generally absent from electronic music.
Various Artists
Compilation CDs featuring various artists.

Positron! Records CD Sale!
posted: Jan 10, 2008

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posiNEWS 03.12.07
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posiNEWS 02.02.2007
posted: Feb 2, 2007

Bounte: One and Chris Randall: The Devil His Due are now available for pre-order!

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