Beautiful Assassins
Drummer/programmer Matt Walker unleashes his solo effort, Beautiful Assassins.

The perfect compliment to his current band, Impossible Recording Machine, Beautiful Assassins defies any "traditional" sense of genre and defines its own by finding the common thread between things uncommon. Featuring the intoxicating vocals of Michelle Cross, as well as vocals from Cupcakes lead singer Preston Graves, Beautiful Assassins is a must have for fans of the Matt Walker sound.
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The debut release from Beautiful Assassins is an incredible blend of industrial, ambient and electronic mayhem.
komposi002 features tracks from Amish Rake Fight, Beautiful Assassins, Bizarbies, Broken Fabiola, Christ Analogue, Die Warzau, Impossible Recording Machine, Manufactura, Micronaut, Self Defense Force, Scanalyzer and Sister Machine Gun.
komposi001 features tracks from Amish Rake Fight, Beautiful Assassins, Bizarbies, Impossible Recording Machine, Micronaut, Sister Machine Gun, and Wedge, as well as the Eco-Hed version of the Die Warzau classic "Land Of The Free" featuring Jim Marcus on lead vocals.


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