Bounte (bown' tee) is a cross-boundary electronica producer in Chicago. His music blends slices of pop, IDM, hip-hop, rock, dance, jazz, and classical, into a hypnotic, yet energetic, collaged groove.

Bounte grew up in Chicago, and started playing trumpet at an early age. He began his fascination with computer production in the 80s with bleeps and clicks on the Apple IIe, which eventually escalated in to the fluid modern production environment of Ableton Live, his current tool of choice. He is able to use his classical and jazz training to bring an air of sophistication and a new palette of sounds to the electronic music genre, while still drawing on the deep tradition of Chicago's rich blues and electronic histories.

Bounte is an accomplished visual artist, and his live performances reflect that, with vivid computer graphics and filmed landscapes moving in counterpoint to the music. "Art and music compliment one another, satisfying different basic compulsions that we have," he notes. "I approach music with a very visual mindset, sequencing samples, grooves, and melodies together like a collage, refining my compositions layer by layer, and hopefully sharing a few moments of how I experience the world."
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Bounte returns with more intricate, groove-infused electronica in Maximal. With this 4-track set, Bounte shifts focus to danceable instrumentals dominated by glitchy, thundering beats. From the hard and grinding low-end of "D575" to the energized snarework of "Sextuple X," Maximal is fuel for the dance floor.
One is the debut album from Chicago native Bounte. Combining a breakbeat and IDM backbone with strong melodic textures and melodies, One is an unique take on the current electronic music scene.
komposi003 features tracks from Aizome, Amish Rake Fight, The Atomica Project, Bounte, Chris Randall, Graphic, Micronaut, Milkfish, s.sturgis, Scanalyzer and Sister Machine Gun.


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