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posted: Jan 28, 2006 category: Reviews

On The One And The Zero:

This joint effort of Wade Alin of Atomica and Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun is a sort of darkwave "synth-off," both electronic artists trying to outloop, outgizmo, outgroove, and outstrange one another... plus, you can dance to most of it! All instrumental except for some odd sprechtstimme here and there. All in all an enjoyable session of noisemaking from two electronicists who simply have too much going on for a single band to encompass.

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posted: Jan 20, 2006 category: Reviews


As I listen to Metropolitan, I imagine I'm staring out an airplane window as we fly over some foreign mega city in the year 2085. It must be that perfect combination of downtempo beats, layered orchestration, and evocative female vocals. Or maybe it's the superior production level on these tracks that makes this the perfect headphone soundtrack for my afternoon daydreaming.

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posted: Jan 17, 2006 category: shopPOSI

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Collide: Like The Hunted DVD
Like The Hunted is documentation of the concert tour that brought Collide's dreams alive. Expanded to a six-piece, the live iteration of the electronica powerhouse brings new dimensions to familiar songs. Special features included interview/video outtakes, studio videos, acoustic performances and more.

Price: $20.00 US

Collide: Live At The El Rey
Recorded live at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, April 14th 2005, this CD is the companion to Collide's Like The Hunted DVD.

Price: $13.00 US

n0nplus: Keep Me Here
n0nplus push the envelope by meshing heavy layers of melodic, moody ambience, unsettling noisescapes and crushing, intelligently programmed rhythms.

Price: $8.00 US

posted: Jan 5, 2006 category: Reviews

On The One And The Zero:

On The One And The Zero is Randall and Alin laying bare their love for the metallic clatter of Einstürzende Neubauten, their inner furor for Squarepusher beat collisions and their nascent tumescence for glitch and static-pop. They've made a record of junkyard funk, a fusion of synth-pop (sans such ephemeral nonsense as lyrics) and machine noise that beats with just a jackhammer fury that it sweats viscous oil...Scanalyzer is the sound of the free underground radio stations of the next generation: built in the basement, mastered in the kitchen and blasted into the ether by a hand-made transmitter hidden out behind the tool shed. Raw, noisy, and sure to raise blisters on your lips as you kiss your speakers.

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