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Rough Robot: Check The Rack
Check the Rack, the debut album from Rough Robot, catapults an array of funky beats, dance grooves, and a sense of electronic class. Nine tracks of dance-oriented grooves, female vocals, and slick production. For fans of The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Ladytron, and Fatboy Slim.

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With Atomica, Christ Analogue's Wade Alin and singer Lauren Cheatham have created perhaps the first trip-hop project truly worthy of being compared to Portishead. The similarities are apparent from the laid-back bass groove of opening track "One Day in New York City" to the slow rhythmic throb of "Gun," but Atomica are no slavish imitators. Where Portishead was minimal and beat-driven, letting the vocals carry the melody while the programmed parts confined themselves to the drums and bass line, Alin is much less reticent to add interesting instrumental arrangements. For example, "Larsen" incorporates lush arrangements of sampled strings, while "Salt" adds a hint of vibraphones for a jazzier feel. "Recent," one of Metropolitan's most achingly bittersweet pieces, adds bluesy guitar riffs to the vintage fuzz and electric organs, while "Pollen" and the exquisite "Sorrow" focus on soft piano. Cheatham's contributions as lyricist are also essential to Atomica's distinctiveness, ranging from the concrete melancholy of urban landscapes in "Delorian" to the surreal but evocative wordplay on "Quiver." About as far as can be from Alin's work in Christ Analogue, Atomica is just as intense, albeit in a much subtler way, and Metropolitan is no less than a musical masterpiece. This is mandatory listening for anyone with an interest in trip-hop, chill-out music, and down-tempo grooves.

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Metropolitan @ shopPOSI

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Welcome to the new positronrecords.com!

As you can see, we've got all new sites for Positron! Records, shopPOSI and kPOSI! The most significant difference is that shopPOSI now sells Digital Downloads. Most Positron! releases are now available as CDs, full album downloads, or as individual tracks. Our moto releases are now entirely digital, also available as full album downloads or individual tracks. And as always, you can still find a great selection of CDs from our friends at Architecture Records, Flagrant Records, Frozen Empire Media, Noiseplus Music and WTII Records.

Atomica Live

Atomica will be performing live at The Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago Ave) in Chicago on Sunday, March 12! Also on the bill, Trigger10d and DJ Michael Lacey. This is a 21+ show, doors are at 9 PM, and the cover is $6. Visit the Atomica website for more info.

posted: Feb 1, 2006 category: Reviews


Featuring the haunting vocals of Lauren Cheatham, Atomica is a moody trip-hop project that recalls Portishead and Evanesence in atmosphere, while musically staking its own ground. Programmer and songwriter Wade Alin created this downtempo electronica with keyboardist Percy Trayanov providing expressive piano, Wurlitzer, and synthesizer playing to compliment the evocative mood. There's an orchestral feel to songs like the superb "Sorrow," wrapping Cheatham's intoxicating vocals in swelling strings and forlorn piano melodies. This is a lovely disc that has lasting emotional resonance and well-constructed musical soundscapes. Seek it out and soak it in.

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Metropolitan @ shopPOSI

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