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posted: Mar 8, 2005 category: Reviews

in a haze:

Known for his noise assaults as Converter, Scott Sturgis has opted for something a little different with in a haze. Composed as an aural experiment, the six tracks of his first record released under his own name were performed live back in 2004 at a club in Seattle, WA, where Sturgis put aside the flesh-rending power electronics and rhythmic noise of Converter for something a bit more laid-back. Clearly intended to be heard as a singular experience, in a haze flows from ambient psychedelia to tribal rhythms to industrial-inflected downtempo beats to aural soundtracks for lost motion pictures.

It was a short performance that night -- just over thirty minutes -- but by preserving it on CD, Sturgis has made it easy to enjoy his experimental work over and over again. in a haze shows off his softer side, and there is nothing like multi-dimensionality to make an artist more interesting. I hope he found this experiment successful and does more of them in the future.

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posted: Mar 5, 2005 category: Reviews

in a haze:

For the most profane among you, s.sturgis is nobody else but Scott Sturgis, the guy behind Converter who has released already some records for the Ant-Zen and the Cop Int. stables. After eight years and more than ten releases with Converter, Pain Station and Notime, Sturgis decided to experiment with something different under his real name. in a haze is a collection of six instrumental electronic songs featuring influences from abstract ambient, dense downbeat music, to tribal and ritual rhythms with a slight touch of psychedelic industrial spirit for a more bombastic approach. This is intelligent music with multiple layers where the listeners are a little bit lost which forces them to avoid a state of lethargy to try to understand what's happening around them. This impression is reinforced by the fact that all the tracks are perfectly selected to follow the previous without any seconds of breathing space.

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posted: Mar 3, 2005 category: Reviews


...Europa is awash with a plethora of styles, an amalgamation of sound that builds from drum and bass, classical overture, moody electronica, dark ambience, and funky organic melodies into, well, a construct that has all sorts of echoes to the past while clearly all a-glitter with futurism...

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