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in a haze

Scott Sturgis probably gained the most recognition from his Converter and Pain Station projects -- both of which would be classified in different industrial subgenres. Converter was the rhythmic noise powerhouse, while Pain Station appealed to fans of more traditional EBM. Other side projects, like Notime or d.b.s., showed a more laid-back ambient side of Mr. Sturgis. All of the elements of these previous projects have been melted down in to one new form, released simply as s.sturgis. Don't pick up this disc with any preconceptions, any expectations that this is the next big thing in rhythmic noise. s.sturgis leaves behind the aggression and over-distortion for a more groove oriented, almost tribal feel. These six tracks were created as a (possibly one-off) chance to open for a local band. This unique performance featured both abstract visuals and the resulting audio recorded live that night. Any of these tracks could be thrown at a dancefloor for a tempo change, for a chance to watch some bump-and-grind action, but that wasn't the original intent. The downtempo, sometimes IDM-feeling tracks are more suited for a chill-out lounge, or a relaxing night of... well, anything relaxing, including visits to the magic pipe. This release showcases the breadth of Mr. Sturgis' talent and should find its way in to every electronic music fan's collection.

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