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Normally a Micronaut album is wrought with big-beat house but Europa is its distant dark cousin. Grouped well with the likes of dark ambient but with more of a Aphex Twin or Autechre style with its disjointed bleeps and beats, Europa is one of those albums that you come across and can't put down…ever. The cello you hear is courtesy of Mike Fisher of Machines of Loving Grace and Amish Rake Fight fame. Chris Randall's fame might have come at the helm of his electro-industrial outfit Sister Machine Gun (one of my personal faves) but he continues to impress alongside Miguel Turnazas with his Micronaut project. Stoked isn't even close to cutting it.

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posted: Dec 28, 2005 category: Reviews


Trip-hoppy and kind of jazzy, very stylish electronics and female vocal. Addictive hooks and sophisticated delivery, redolent with meaning. If I didn't loathe the commercial music industry so much I might smell a "hit" here. Alas, I lack sufficent weaselhood to make that proclamation. This is the real shizzle though.

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posted: Dec 25, 2005 category: Reviews

On The One And The Zero:

Teaming up in Scanalyzer is Sister Machine Gun's Chris Randall and Christ Analogue's Wade Alin. Their full-length debut On the One and the Zero sees a return to electronic ingenuity and industrial waste lands. The rhythms are noisy and populated with incredible engineering efforts that show off both artists extreme programming skills. Bleep-happy hipsters will love the IDM and glitchy beats but this is an album that is experimentally catchy. The soundscapes are dark and cavernous, and you're often furiously tripping out over the complex nature of the synthetic melodies.

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Chicago-based New York City-originating eccentric project Atomica will trigger memories of the best record of urban downtempo, orchestral trip hop and female-fronted pop-electronica that the nineties have given us. The trio's bold and nonchalant approach to the matter evokes rapturing scenarios of fresh yet nostalgic tunes enriched by intense and passionate vocals and visionary lyricism. Portishead, Conjure One (these two above everyone else), Lamb, Bethany Curve, Taxi, Drop the Fear, Rebro and other bands of that type jump to mind immediately, but their music is so un-derivative and eclectic that I am sure you'll be thinking of loads more names that would complement that sentence quite nicely. Atomica have a lot of potential. Emotional and truth-transpiring lyrics, skilled and well-rounded song-writing, powerul and full sound...

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...Wade Alin teams up with vocalist Lauren Cheatham to deliver the best blend of modern trip-hop and vintage jazz sensibilities since the debut album by Portishead. While the Portishead comparisons are inevitable, given the scratchy loops and bass-heavy minimalism of "Bittersweet" and the fuzz-laced vocals of "Gun," it's a comparison that sells Alin and Cheatham short, for though their sound can be reminiscent of other trip-hop acts, it's not derivative. For one thing, they're less dependent on rhythm, and those tracks that emphasize the drum section sound very organic. Album opener "One Day In New York City," for example, propels its languid bass line along with clattering cymbals, while "Recent" is achingly beautiful despite a lack of percussion, with Cheatham's lonely voice slithering among soft fuzz, electric piano and the occasional bluesy guitar riff. There's also a distinct - if subdued - classical feel to this album, with warm pianos sharing the spotlight with moody strings on "Pollen" while staccato violins bounce along on the comparatively upbeat "Larsen." "Quiver" features a fuller sound, with multiple layers of both organic and electronic atmosphere riding a wave of crashing brass percussion, and highlights Cheatham's evocative lyrical style with such lines as "I've seen myself quiver with a body of toxins." If there's any complaint with this album, it's that it isn't long enough; with eleven tracks, it clocks in at under fifty minutes, but each song is so delicately heartbreaking you could listen to Atomica for three times as long and still not get enough.

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posted: Dec 13, 2005 category: posiNEWS

SCANALYZER: On The One And The Zero

Scanalyzer: On The One And The Zero is now available @ shopPOSI!

Scanalyzer is the bastard love child of Sister Machine Gun's Chris Randall and Wade Alin of Atomica and Christ Analogue. Their debut album, On The One And The Zero, is a tour-de-force of glitch-hop, noisecore, and IDM, with a generous dose of dancefloor groove thrown in to complete the mix. The tension of the album is palpable as Randall and Alin go to great lengths to out-do each other via complicated drum-noise programming and grinding synthesizers. This album is not to be missed if you're a fan of esoteric electronica.

Price: $15.00 US


Dave's Lounge is a weekly podcast that showcases the best in chillout, trip hop and downtempo music found on the Internet. Visit the link below to download 2 podcasts featuring tracks from Atomica's Metropolitan.

Atomica @ Dave's Lounge

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