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posted: Jan 10, 2008 category: Positron! Records

Happy New Year from Positron! Records!

We've got big plans for 2008 and our first major change is that Positron! is going entirely digital. To begin our transition, all posiCDs are now on sale at shopPOSI. Most are priced around $8.00 and they will be on sale until they are sold out at which point they will be available as digital only.

For those of you that are not familiar with our digital downloads, they are extremely high-quality, DRM-free, and will play in any device or through any program that supports variable bit-rate MP3s. Furthermore, as we make this transition we will be also be adding the option to download uncompressed versions - we're still deciding on a file format, but it will likely be FLAC. When this occurs, the new download links will simply appear in your shopPOSI download locker, next to your mp3 links. There will be no extra cost to you to download the new format if you wish to do so.

Within the next month we will have two brand new releases for you under this new system: Atomica's "Grayscale" and Micronaut's "Callisto". Atomica is also working on some remixes for "Grayscale," so we will have some great new music for you very soon!

And for those of you mourning the demise of the posiCD, please understand that Positron! has _always_ put as much power into the hands of their artists as possible. All Positron! artists own their own masters and thus can do whatever they want. They can also profit from whatever they do. So what begins its life as a digital download at shopPOSI, may at some point in the future turn into a box set on the artist's website, or CDs on tour. And you'll know that buying it from them meant every dollar went into their pocket.

The object of the exercise here is not simply to cut costs, but to cater to the creativity of our artists rather than their output. We have always told our artists to make the records they want to make; under this new system, they will also be able to release them whenever they want to - which means more new music for you more often.

To take advantage of our sale, visit the CD section at shopPOSI. All on sale items are marked as such and as the CDs sell out they will be removed from that page.

This April, Positron! Records will be 10 years old. Thank you to each and every one of you who has been with us over the years. We appreciate your business and hope to bring you more new music than every before.

posted: Sep 5, 2006 category: Positron! Records

Atomica & Bounte Live in Chicago

Atomica will be performing at the Darkroom in Chicago on Sunday, Oct 22. In addition, Bounte will be doing an exclusive DJ set including new tracks from Positron! artists Atomica, Bounte, Micronaut, and Chris Randall. Atomica will also be joined by DJ Michael Lacey and Salva Me.

Date: Sunday, Oct. 22
Doors: 8:00 PM
Venue: The Darkroom
Address: 2210 West Chicago between Damen and Western
Age: 21+
Price: $7

Atomica website
Metropolitan @ shopPOSI
Bounte website

posted: Apr 27, 2006 category: Positron! Records

Delorian #1 request at chillout2newyork

Atomica's "Delorian" is this week's #1 requested track at chillout2newyork!

Metropolitan @ shopPOSI

posted: Mar 7, 2006 category: Positron! Records

2 Shows

Sunday, March 12, 2006
Atomica, Trigger10d, DJ Michael Lacey
The Darkroom, Chicago, IL
2210 W. Chicago Ave.
Age: 21+
Price: $6.00
Time: 9PM
Tickets: At the door or visit The Darkroom website

Sunday, April 2, 2006
The Birthday Massacre, Deadstar Assembly, Atomica
The Warehouse, LaCrosse, WI
328 Pearl Street (4th & Pearl)
All Ages
Price: $9.00
Time: 6PM
Tickets: Ticketweb

Atomica website
Metropolitan @ shopPOSI

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