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komposi003 is now in stock and shipping! The CD price is $10.00 and includes shipping and handling in the US/Canada, as well as a free full album download. The komp is also available as a digital download. The full album download price is $8.00 and individual tracks are $.99.

komposi003 features tracks from Aizome, Amish Rake Fight, Atomica, Bounte, Micronaut, Milkfish, s.sturgis, and Scanalyzer. It also includes the debut of "The Things You Do" by Eric Powell's new project, Graphic, and Chris Randall contributes both his first solo song, "Be There Tonight," as well as the last Sister Machine Gun song, "Sink."

Song samples are available at shopPOSI, and the komp is in rotation on kPOSI


Ladies Logo Babydoll T-shirt
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Price: $15.00

Mens Logo T-shirt
Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
Price: $15.00


Christ Analogue's Everyday Is Distortion is now available as a digital download at shopPOSI. The full album download price is $10.00 and individual tracks are $.99.

posted: Feb 28, 2006 category: shopPOSI

NEW @ shopPOSI:

Rough Robot: Check The Rack
Check the Rack, the debut album from Rough Robot, catapults an array of funky beats, dance grooves, and a sense of electronic class. Nine tracks of dance-oriented grooves, female vocals, and slick production. For fans of The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Ladytron, and Fatboy Slim.

Price: $10.00 US

posted: Jan 17, 2006 category: shopPOSI

NEW @ shopPOSI:

Collide: Like The Hunted DVD
Like The Hunted is documentation of the concert tour that brought Collide's dreams alive. Expanded to a six-piece, the live iteration of the electronica powerhouse brings new dimensions to familiar songs. Special features included interview/video outtakes, studio videos, acoustic performances and more.

Price: $20.00 US

Collide: Live At The El Rey
Recorded live at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, April 14th 2005, this CD is the companion to Collide's Like The Hunted DVD.

Price: $13.00 US

n0nplus: Keep Me Here
n0nplus push the envelope by meshing heavy layers of melodic, moody ambience, unsettling noisescapes and crushing, intelligently programmed rhythms.

Price: $8.00 US

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