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in a haze:

Known for his noise assaults as Converter, Scott Sturgis has opted for something a little different with in a haze. Composed as an aural experiment, the six tracks of his first record released under his own name were performed live back in 2004 at a club in Seattle, WA, where Sturgis put aside the flesh-rending power electronics and rhythmic noise of Converter for something a bit more laid-back. Clearly intended to be heard as a singular experience, in a haze flows from ambient psychedelia to tribal rhythms to industrial-inflected downtempo beats to aural soundtracks for lost motion pictures.

It was a short performance that night -- just over thirty minutes -- but by preserving it on CD, Sturgis has made it easy to enjoy his experimental work over and over again. in a haze shows off his softer side, and there is nothing like multi-dimensionality to make an artist more interesting. I hope he found this experiment successful and does more of them in the future.

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