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On The One And The Zero:

The first full release from the proclaimed "bastard love child" of Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun) and Wade Alin (Christ Analogue) is nothing short of a masterpiece. Branching into electronica-infused drum-n-bass, glitchy IDM with a hint of power electronics and distortion thrown in for good measure, this project refuses to be pigeonholed into a specific sound and dips into several sub-genres of the electronic scene.

Some of these tracks, like "Moretech" and "One Seventy Five", are songs with dance floor-friendly appeal. After that upbeat, energetic sound you hit interludes like "Hifishit" (a mellow break with a little piano melody and some quiet voice playback) and songs like "Monotreme" (deep bass mixed with ambient textures) to bring you back down. One of the many great things on this album is that although each track is distinctive, they progress smoothly from one to the other, producing what could be the perfect soundtrack to an indie film, or just to your life.

I truly believe Scanalyzer has its own unique sound, so it's impossible to say it "sounds just like" anything. However, on various tracks I detected hints of and Beyond Digits (techy-drum-n-bass), Black Lung/Xingu Hill on "The Andronechron Incident" (glitchy, ambient IDM) and even some of Randall's electro-oriented project, Micronaut.

As the more experimental side of music seems to be a niche set of listeners, I can't promise this will appeal to everyone. Fans of Ad Noiseam and Ant-Zen artists should have no problems eating this one up. If you're someone who finds a full album of to be too abrasive, I think Scanalyzer provides an easier format for you to get into. In short it's just refreshing to find a project that strays away from overdone cliches of genres (ahem, futurepop anyone?) and provides us with a well-produced, diverse album. Highly recommended.

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