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Oh what fun I thought when this one kicked in. With a band named Amish Rake Fight, and a song called "Artist With a Thompson," and a high-brow jazz/drum 'n bass ensemble that blew my doors off with its speed and interesting brilliance, use of Orleans style horns and speed laced rhythm. komposi003 is the third various artists relase by Positron! Records. One of its claims to fame is the debut of "The Things You Do" by Graphic, side project of 16 Volt's Eric Powell. Positron! claims to release music by "eccentric artists." I like that ideal.

Milfish's "Shame" slows things down as it crawls in like a caterpillar dance, static laced and multi-legged. Next comes Bounte with "Going Nowhere." Circular in motion, very electro and uplifting with brilliant female vocals that hold you close so you don't leave hence, I'm guessing, the track's name.

"Quartz Clock's" subdued style and step format is well done and seems to pulse with life. Created by Micronaut, aka Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun. The first real vocal work other than the elusive lady from "Going Nowhere" appears in Chris Randall's "Be There Tonight," a loping jazz like tune with a shuffle step and a gritty guitar.

I found s.sturgis' "Euphondisson" (remixed by Chris Randall) a bit hum drum, but certainly not bad. Moving on to Atomica's "Airways" we are met by another woman who slowly walks along with us in the orchestra-like arrangements of the song. A very slow moving drumset keeps time with rising strings as we step. Aizome's "Terminal" gets a bit misty and can't hold my interest as well as some of the previous work. "Sink" by Sister Machine Gun closes the komposi003 compilation brilliantly.

Overall komposi003 is a fine release, with its strongest tracks mostly stacked in front. Amish Rake Fight, Milfish and Bounte wow me with style, panache and interesting arrangement. Sister Machine Gun slams closed komposi003 with the same energy Amish Rake Fight opened it with.

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