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A positive electron emitted as a result of the conversion of a proton to a neutron in a radioactive nucleus.
Everyone said we were nuts. "You can't do that," was a common response, though it rarely came with a why. When it did, it was usually some variation of "that's not how it's done," as if doing things any other way would make the Earth spin the wrong direction.

Some people may have found that kind of talk discouraging, but in our case it was exactly what we needed to hear. It was never our intention to follow the path of "how it's done." The object of the exercise was to be the anti-label; to place the value of art above the sticker price, to place the value of an artist above a work for hire, and to place the value of a fan above profit margins. We vowed to never say things like, "we don't hear a single" or "we need to take it to the next level." We threw the whole concept of "recoupables" right out the window. And we believed that with unparalled customer service we could bridge the gap between getting customers and keeping them.

That was 1998, and if we were nuts then, we are full-blown insane now. We don't release a barrage of records each year with the hope that one will sell well enough to pay for those that didn't; we release a few because we really like them and think you will too. We don't give up on a record, we don't declare it over and done because it's been out for six months; every record is new until the artist decides it's time to release another one. It's certainly new to whoever is hearing it for the first time, and if they enjoy it, why should the when matter? As for our customers, well, I think I should let them speak for themselves.

We don't subscribe to the idiotic music-biz notion that, by definition, independent artists are "unsigned" and independent records "must suck." We've heard more than a few sucky records that made it to the Billboard Top 20 in our lifetimes. We believe that today's independents release today's music, while today's corportate conglomerates release cross-promotional marketing campaigns that package artists with hamburgers. To them, artist is product, and product is disposable. To us, artist is label, and our aim is to make a contribution to the soundtrack of your life without picking your pocket in the process.

We've also taken the step of giving our artists the option of releasing their works under Creative Commons licenses. We despise the idea of customer is criminal as concocted by the RIAA and major labels. It's not your fault, but they're going to blame you anyway. They can't help themselves; that's just "how it's done."

Well not here.

Thank you for supporting independent music, especially from crazy people like us.

-Elle Randall
-President, Positron! Records

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posted: Jan 10, 2008

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posiNEWS 03.12.07
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posiNEWS 02.02.2007
posted: Feb 2, 2007

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